Pour un changement positif!

Liza Ghaliounghi

Liza Ghaliounghi’s HR experience includes recruitment, employee development, training, HR Marketing and strategy, salary and career advancement negotiations.Liza is a passionate people person and a strong believer in the expression “every problem has a solution”.An active listener, she creates an open and respectful relationship through which she guides companies, managers, individuals and students towards their goals.

Liza operates on three pillars: cooperation, confidence and creativity.Furthermore, throughout her career and during her workshops and training days, Liza has developed and worked on different themes with her “internal clients”: integrating a new team or manager, defining roles and responsibilities, resolving conflict, improving communications, or rallying a team around a common goal, to name a few.Liza created HCM Partners in 2009 with the goal of helping every client experience positive change.